Mark’s Story

Spotting a Scam

Age: 55

Crypto knowledge: Basic

Mark wanted to be sure he could spot a scam

The Problem

Mark knew the scammers were rife in the crypto-currency game, and he wanted to work-out how to spot a scam.

The Big Challenge

Mark didn’t want to learn through trial and error when it came to scammers.

The Solution

He asked Brett to walk him through the industry and give him tips for spotting a scam.

How We Helped

Mark got a walk-through on the risks and scams happening in crypto-currency today. He started to spot the red flags and knew what to look out for when buying and storing crypto currency.

Step 1
Explain security and
risks to Mark

Step 2
Discover Mark’s goals
with Cryptocurrency

Step 3
Manage Mark’s

The Outcome

Mark felt confident to take the plunge and invest in cryptocurrency. He’s not fallen prey to any scams and follows Brett’s advice on due diligence and security.

Mark says…

“It was very easy to learn from Brett. He was patient and didn’t push me into
any purchase, only explaining how the currency works.”

Mark feels confident with his choice. How could Hodlco help you?

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