White Paper

Discover the Hodlco philosophy, see our roadmap and learn how you can benefit from fee free trading in the Hodlco White Paper

Our Philosophy

The Hodlco Vision

Hodlco will provide a cutting edge, state of the art secure exchange accompanied by a mobile wallet and merchant terminals.

Bringing this vision to life is in your hands…

We’re backed by our VIP Members who are shaping the future of Bitcoin trading. Hodlco is launching with Virtual Membership for each of our VIP members. To receive the Hodlco members invest, which guarantees lifelong fee-free trading.

Brett’s chosen this Kickstarter approach to reward early adopters, raise the capital to support development and create a community who want to see this become a reality.

Where It All Began

Like many people, when Brett first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 he was sceptical. It wasn’t until early 2016 when it was still going he started to do his research. From here Brett began to invest, experiment and learn.

What he discovered surprised him.

Brett recognised Bitcoin has the potential to redesign the future of money.
With a currency outside of Government control, he saw an opportunity for everyday people to take control of their own money on a local and global scale.


This future depends on smart investors getting behind the entrepreneurs and developers of today, to build the infrastructure of tomorrow.

It wasn’t long before Brett took the ‘bull by the horns’ and decided to make this future a reality. Hence Hodlco was born.

“Sleek, simple and secure, we’re here to make Bitcoin easy”

Brett Clark

How It Works

3 Easy Steps to Fee-Free Trading

Chances are you’ve already invested in Bitcoin (or are about to). Hodlco is your opportunity to secure genuine fee-free trading for your future.
You’re invited to join a limited number of VIP members in building a better user experience for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Here’s How It Works:


to the Kickstart Hodlco


VIP membership


a community of Bitcoin enthusiasts


freely without fees as a VIP Member


your Bitcoin with ease without the worry of fees

Experienced traders know that high fees on exchanges are eating into their investments. It doesn’t have to be this way. When you back Hodlco, your securing a lifetime holiday from trading fees on our platform.

Hodlco is Redefining The ICO Model

We share some similarities with ICOs and that’s because we’re taking the best of the ICO model and fusing it with a Kickstarter approach.
We’re launching a virtual membership that is non-tradable but entitles you to lifetime fee free trading.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Virtual token

you can keep it, gift it but whatever you do with it, it’s your Fee-Free trading guarantee

VIP membership

these are capped at 888, so you’ll be part of an exclusive group who enjoy fee-free trading on go-live

Exclusive updates

you’ll be part of the Hodlco community who get exclusive updates, previews and opportunities

Fee Free Trading

your VIP membership guarantees you a lifetime of fee-free trading on the Hodlco platform

First to know

as we progress you’ll be the first to know about the evolving mobile wallet technology and our merchant terminals

Beta testing

there will be opportunities to influence our development and Beta tester the exchange

Why Hodlco?

Hodlco uses integrated layer technology to bring you:

A Nimble Network With Unlimited Potential

Capitalising on the Lightening Network you’ll see an infinite number of transactions per second on the Hodlco exchange. Using our secure platform, Hodlco will be accountable for all coins which means you can buy, sell and invest without any risk of loss.

We’re well aware our industry is dogged by scams. We understand you need to trust us, check our credibility and learn more before donating. In fact, we encourage you to do your due-diligence, because once you see who we are and what we stand for, you’ll know we’re not only credible, but a sound investment.

Our Roadmap

Imagine the day where you can buy, sell and spend Bitcoin like any other currency. That’s where our roadmap is taking you.

  • Attract early adopters

  • Release limited VIP Memberships

  • Launch secure global exchange

  • Pioneer Hodlco secure mobile wallet

  • Develop state of the art technology

  • Trailblaze point of sale merchant facilities

Lifetime Fee Free Membership

Hold My Spot!

Excitement is building in the Bitcoin community. Our VIP Memberships are strictly limited to ensure you receive the biggest reward of all…fee-free trading GUARANTEED for life!

The Benefits of Investing

Lifetime Fee
Free Trading
Exclusive VIP
Progress Reports
Rapid Global
Hard Capped

Limited Memberships Released

Our 1st round of VIP memberships are open and early investors are being rewarded! Capped at 888, there’s no doubt our VIP Memberships are going up in value!

During Round 1 only 88 VIP Membership are available…at our lowest ever investment value of $550 USD (or Bitcoin equivalent).

Once these 88 are snapped-up the next round begins, starting at $660 USD until we reach 288 VIPS.

And it only goes up from there!

Here’s How It Works:

Round 1

1st 88

$550 USD or equivalent in Bitcoin

Round 2

89 - 288

$660 USD or equivalent in Bitcoin

Round 3

289 - 488

$770 USD or equivalent in Bitcoin

Round 4

489 - 888

$880 USD or equivalent in Bitcoin

Imagine a Future Without Fees

Your investment could pay for itself within the first days of trading Bitcoin on a Hodlco exchange. With UNLIMITED potential, the door is open to buy, sell, trade and spend around the world.

Doors are open – don’t miss the boat!