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Hodlco is pioneering the next generation of Bitcoin exchange, complete with mobile wallet and merchant payment facilities. And you can snag yourself a lifetime fee free membership with this rare Kickstarter opportunity!

We’re building a fast, secure platform to buy, sell, trade and spend Bitcoin. Add to this the inter-exchange sidechain and you’ve got access to 1000’s of other cryptocurrencies within a matter of minutes. Kickstart Hodlco today with our lowest ever investment and receive your limited edition virtual VIP Membership, guaranteed to give you fee-free trading for life.

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Join our early adopters and back a game changing project. It’s easy, with a single donation you get FEE FREE trading for life, guaranteed! Heard the saying ‘Fortune favours the bold’? Our founding members get VIP status with the lowest donation you’ll ever see. From here donations rise until we reach our capped membership of 888.

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Easy to Use

Hodlco’s simple system makes buying, selling and trading Bitcoin easy for all. With quick sign-up, fast transactions and a mobile app we’re making trading transparent.

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Safe & Supported

With Bitcoin experts on hand to help, phone support and resources that step you through the process, Hodlco is safe and supported for novices and pros alike.

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Fast Global Trading

Fast, efficient and reliable trading is the hallmark of a Hodlco exchange. It’s our mission to level the playing field for buying and selling Bitcoin globally with our local transmission networks.

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Protected & Insured

Protecting your data and assets is our number one priority. Our meticulous approach to security means we provide multi-layered encryption security technology, covering personal information, asset security and insurance.

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Excited? We are! Don’t keep it to yourself, share the Bitcoin love and help your friends and family jump onboard. When you gift them VIP membership you’re changing their future with fee free trading for life!

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Our Roadmap

Where are we going and what are the milestones?

  • Attract early adopters

  • Release limited VIP Memberships

  • Develop state of the art technology

  • Pioneer Hodlco secure mobile wallet

  • Launch secure global exchange

  • Trailblaze point of sale merchant facilities

Don’t Know Brett From a Bar of Soap?

The rising stars of crypto currency are emerging quietly, without fanfare. So it’s no surprise you haven’t heard of Brett Clark. But it’s pioneers like Brett who are shaping the future of Bitcoin, with innovation, investment and vision.

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Brett Clark

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the real deal.

It remains the world’s only decentralised currency, resilient to hackers, harder to mine than gold and unlike a Netflix series, it has a production end date.

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2114 to be exact.

And why does this matter? Because unlike traditional currency, the integrity of Bitcoin can’t be devalued by oversupply. As the world sees the power of Bitcoin, Hodlco will be there to help them harness it.

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